theta-nested spectral power plot
Lopes-dos-Santos V
van de Ven GM
Morley A
Trouche S
Campo-Urriza N
Dupret D
Dopamine (DA) signals in Nucleus Accumbens with and without movement. Top panel shows a behavioural trial where movement is initiated to collect reward. Bottom panel shows a trial where movement is withheld until after reward delivery.
Syed EC
Grima LL
Magill PJ
Bogacz R
Brown P
Walton ME
Yeung N
Bogacz R
Holroyd C
Nieuwenhuis S
Cohen J
decision-making model diagram
Bogacz R
Render of 3D printed parts and motor
Dodson P
fast or accurate
Bogacz R
Hu P
Holmes P
Cohen J