Graph showing beta signalled local conflict, and carried over this effect to the next cue in a sequence.
Bogacz R
Litvak V
Oswal A
Little S
Pedrosa D
Herz D
Dayal V
Patai EZ


Bogacz R
Player vs computer competitor trials
Howard-Jones PA
Bogacz R
Yoo JH
Leonards U
Demetriou S
Tremor-phase-specific brain  stimulation
Cagnan H
Weerasinghe G
Brown P
three ways of calculating phase-amplitude coupling
Onslow ACE
Bogacz R
Jones MW


firing phase graphic
Fong R
Russell J
Weerasinghe G
Bogacz R
Dopamine (DA) signals in Nucleus Accumbens with and without movement. Top panel shows a behavioural trial where movement is initiated to collect reward. Bottom panel shows a trial where movement is withheld until after reward delivery.
Syed EC
Grima LL
Magill PJ
Bogacz R
Brown P
Walton ME
Yeung N
Bogacz R
Holroyd C
Nieuwenhuis S
Cohen J
decision-making model diagram
Bogacz R