STN LFPs from Parkinson’s patients during stepping in place

Fischer P
Brown P
Tan H

These data contain local field potentials (LFPs) from the human subthalamic nucleus recorded from patients with Parkinson’s after receiving deep brain stimulation surgery.

Patients were asked to step on the spot (while sitting and for three data sets also while standing) and to synchronize their steps to the rhythm of a walking cartoon man displayed in a video.  The details of the experimental design and behavioural task are described in Fischer et al (2018). Results on decoding analyses, attempting to decode movement states within the gait cycle based on the STN LFPs, are reported in Tan et al (2018).

All LFPs were first recorded as monopolar signals with a common reference and the ground electrode attached to the wrist of the patient. Bipolar LFPs were constructed by computing the difference between monopolor recordings from neighbouring contacts. The timing of each heel strike was simultaneously recorded with foot pedals or force plates.

The compressed folder includes 16 files containing data from 13 participants in the study (+ 3 data sets recorded additionally during stepping while standing). The data files are in MATLAB format. Each file contains one data structure, the details of the structure is described in ‘Description.txt’ in the compressed folder.

A MATLAB script (plot_beta_power.m) to plot the beta power average for left and right STN activity aligned to the right heel strike is also provided.

Assistance with this dataset

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