plot of glutate and GABA tCr during trials
Koolschijn R
Shpektor A
Emir UE
Barron H
Example co-firing graph. Each node represents one cell. Each edge represents the co-firing association of one cell pair, color-coded according to their correlation’s sign and width proportional to the edge’s absolute value.
Gava GP
McHugh SB
Lefèvre L
Lopes-Dos-Santos V
Trouche S
El-Gaby M
Schultz SR
Dupret D


plot showing raw data trace and three processed ones
Yeh C-H


three ways of calculating phase-amplitude coupling
Onslow ACE
Bogacz R
Jones MW


theta-nested spectral power plot
Lopes-dos-Santos V
van de Ven GM
Morley A
Trouche S
Campo-Urriza N
Dupret D