A sequential neurofeedback-behaviour task, with the neurofeedback reflecting the occurrence of beta bursts quantified in real-time based on EEG measurements over sensorimotor cortex, was used to evaluate the relationship between cortical beta bursts and movement initialisation.
He S
Everest-Phillips C
Brown P
Tan H
plot showing raw data trace and three processed ones
Yeh C-H


stepping figure
Fischer P
Brown P
Tan H
Bursts of beta activity (beta LFP) in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) approximately half a second before the movement onset (MO) are associated with lower speeds (velocity; red arrows) of the forthcoming reaching movements.
Torrecillos F
Brown P
Tan H


Dopamine (DA) signals in Nucleus Accumbens with and without movement. Top panel shows a behavioural trial where movement is initiated to collect reward. Bottom panel shows a trial where movement is withheld until after reward delivery.
Syed EC
Grima LL
Magill PJ
Bogacz R
Brown P
Walton ME